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City parking

Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

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City Parking Plan 2015

The City Parking Plan 2015 aims to keep our city moving by managing parking to increase availability, improve customer service and boost economic activity in local centres.

The plan ensures that parking is available in the right place, at the right time and at the right price, harnessing the potential of new parking technology combined with best practice policy.

The plan covers on and off-street parking, park-and-ride provision, parking supply in new developments (in conjunction with the City Plan), and parking pricing.

New revenue raised as a result of the plan will be invested into creating more attractive local centres and better public transport services.

Download the City Parking Plan 2015.

The City Parking Plan 2015 works alongside the City's other key strategic policies, including our City Transport Strategy 2031, Economic Development Strategy 2013-2023, City Plan, and Draft Accessible and Inclusive City Action Plan 2020-2025, to drive stronger, more liveable communities and greater prosperity.

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