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Walking, cycling, public transport and carpooling

By swapping your daily car trips to active travel, you can help reduce congestion on our roads and keep our city cleaner and greener.

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Cycling safety

Man riding a bike on a bikeway beside a road

Whether you’re a motorist, a cyclist, or both, we all need to share the road.

Road rules

The Queensland Government has road rules in place for cyclists and motorists to keep our roads safe.

Learn about cyclists' responsibilities when using the City's shared paths.

Safety tips

The Gold Coast Cycling Guide has advice for cyclists.

You can also view safety tips for cyclists and motorists to help you abide by these rules and share the road safely.

Cycling safety - new road rules

The Queensland Government has introduced new road rules that set a minimum passing distance and equal fines for motorists and cyclists.

By law, motorists must give cyclists the following passing distance:

Speed zone Passing distance
60km/hr zone or less Minimum of one (1) metre
Over 60km/hr Minimum of 1.5 metres

Motorists are allowed to cross centre lines (including double unbroken centre lines, straddle lane-lines or drive-on painted islands) to pass cyclists, provided the driver has a clear view of any approaching traffic and it is safe to do so.

View our fact sheet to find out more about cycling safety on the Gold Coast.

For more information regarding the new road rules visit the Queensland Government website.

All enquiries concerning the enforcement of these laws should be directed to Queensland Police via Policelink on
131 444 (or 07 3055 6206 for interstate/mobile callers).

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