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Drink driving - the next day

Traffic - Drink driving the next day

Queensland Police have warned about the dangers of driving too soon after a night of celebrations.

It is quite common for people to assume they are fine to drive after ‘sleeping it off’ the night before, but this isn’t the case. There is no way of speeding up the rate your body gets rid of alcohol. A normal healthy person can only break down approximately one standard drink an hour.

Queensland Police advise that you should allow at least one hour for every standard drink consumed. For example, six schooners of heavy beer equals 9.6 standard drinks, so if you had your last drink at midnight you may not be safe to drive until 10am the next morning.

Here are some useful tips and common myths about drinking and driving:


If you’re going to drink, plan ahead!

  • Stay at a friend's place.
  • Leave the car at home and use alternative transport.
  • If going in a group, decide who will be the ‘dry driver’.
  • If you’re hosting people at your house:
    • provide non-alcoholic drinks
    • provide food
    • offer a bed or lounge for the night
    • call a taxi for drivers who shouldn’t drive
    • encourage guests to hang around the next day in case they’re still over the limit.


  • Drinking milk, coffee or water, exercising, vomiting or fresh air will reduce alcohol concentration.
    • FACT: This may make you feel better but they won’t help you sober up. Time is the only way.
  • Regular drinkers can handle their alcohol.
    • FACT: Even though regular drinkers may not seem drunk or feel drunk, they still have the same alcohol concentrations to a non-regular drinker.

If breathalyser units or disposables are available, these may be used to test Blood/Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) prior to driving the next day. However, Queensland Police recommend time.

Street Smarts is a Queensland Government initiative that provides information about road safety. Here you can access Drink driving – Get the facts, providing facts, advice, myth busters on reducing your BAC and tips for keeping safe.

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