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The City of Gold Coast's Events Calendar is your guide to festivals and events taking place across the city.

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Events toolkit and resources

Event organisers can access a range of useful brochures, fact sheets and other resources on this page to assist with applying for and running successful events.

Accessible events

For more information about event organisers’ obligations under anti-discrimination legislation contact the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission or Australian Human Rights Commission.

Alcohol/Liquor Licence

As participation in public events has become part of modern life, there is an expectation that events will be enjoyable, well organised and safe. Alcohol is often seen as a symbol of celebration and is included as part of festivities at many public events.

For all questions in relation to adding liquor to your event, please contact the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) on:

Web -
Phone - 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
Email -
Street address - 7 Short Street, Southport, Queensland
Hours - Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

If you are planning on supplying liquor on public land, an Alcohol, Safety and Event Management Plan must be completed and submitted. Please note, it may take up to 31 days to process any liquor application (21 days for OLGR and 10 days for City of Gold Coast).

You should also contact your local police station to discuss the inclusion of liquor at your event and to ensure your event patrons benefit from a successful and safe event.

Event Management Plan

An Event Management Plan is an essential planning and management tool for the safe and successful delivery of an event. This guide has been developed to help assist Event Managers with their planning and may be requested by City of Gold Coast, Queensland Police Service and a variety of other stakeholders.

Download the Event Management Plan.


Written approval shall be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy should any pyrotechnic display be proposed as part of the event. Please contact this Department on 07 3330 4171 or

Fireworks displays cannot be conducted on Council controlled land when Queensland Fire and Emergency Services have imposed a fire ban for the Gold Coast. For current fire ban information visit Queensland Government Rural Fire Service

Go Waste Wise at events

The management of waste at events is an important consideration, whether the event is small or large. Please consider becoming waste wise when planning your event.

Being waste wise doesn’t have to cost you more money, and it can reduce your event’s carbon footprint, save resources and help keep the Gold Coast clean and green.

City of Gold Coast is in the process of developing waste wise guidelines, but a comprehensive Waste Wise Event Toolkit is available now from New South Wales EPA.

Gold Coast event guide

Download the Gold Coast event guide for a range of information on Gold Coast major events, venues, services and support available to event organisers.

Information for patrons travelling to the Gold Coast

For information on Gold Coast tourism and accommodation options, check out Visit Gold Coast.

Marketing your event

Tourism & Events Queensland – event marketing toolkit

A comprehensive resource detailing everything you need to promote your event.

Help promote the Gold Coast as an events destination

You can play your part in continuing to make the Gold Coast a premier events destination by using some of the following messages.

Feel free to use any of these messages on your event website, in media releases or marketing materials.

  • The Gold Coast is a world-class events city.
  • Events are a key pillar of our city’s economy.
  • The Gold Coast offers world-class events in a world-class city.
  • The Gold Coast is a vibrant events destination, hosting more than 900 events a year.
  • Our events capture the essence of our city – they’re vibrant, diverse and energetic.
  • Whatever your passion or interest, there's an event for everyone.

Find out how you can optimise your event promotion and attendance.

Pets and events

During the planning stages of your event you should consider if your identified site is considered an animal control area, as this could impact on your event. For example, if your site is dog prohibited, you may like to remind potential participants that it is an animal free event.

Some parks, reserves and beaches on the Gold Coast are designated as:

  • off-leash dog exercise areas where dogs may be exercised off-leash but under effective control
  • dog prohibited areas where dogs are not permitted.

Maps detailing the off-leash dog exercise areas and prohibited areas are available.

Pets at events

If you are going to allow dogs to attend your event please ensure your site is not designated as a dog prohibited area.

We also suggest you include the following pet rules:

  • Only bring your pet along if it is well-behaved, non-aggressive and doesn't get stressed out in crowded, stimulating and noisy situations.
  • Ensure your pet is on leash and under effective control at all times.
  • Scoop the poop and bin it.

Portable 'Choose Tap' hydration stations for events

As part of our commitment to promoting our high quality drinking water and reducing single use plastic bottles, community groups and event organisers on the Gold Coast now have the opportunity to access portable hydration stations for use at local community events. The loan of stations is free for eligible events - see eligibility criteria below.

Make a booking enquiry using our online form:

Apply to loan portable hydration stations for an event

Eligibility criteria

Each request to loan portable hydration stations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria (confirmed bookings are dependent on the availability of units). You must meet all of these requirements to be eligible to loan a portable hydration station:

  • for use at Gold Coast not-for-profit community events only with at least 500 people expected (no private parties)
  • for use at local clean-up events by request
  • current public liability insurance of $10 million
  • location must allow for easy access to mains water and water tap connection (units must be situated within five metres of a mains water tap)
  • set-up location must allow for adequate drainage
  • a minimum of two weeks' notice is required
  • event organisers agree to be responsible for promoting drinking tap water and the location of hydration stations
  • event organisers agree to be responsible for the safe transportation of the units.

Promote active and public transport to your event

Getting patrons to and from your event easily and safely, makes for a more enjoyable event experience. Encourage your patrons to plan their journey to your event and use sustainable transport (walking, cycling, public transport, and carpooling).

To promote sustainable travel, consider adapting the following messages to suit your event and include in your publicity materials:

  • We encourage patrons to use public and active transport to travel to and from the event.
  • Staying or live locally? Walk, bike or skateboard to the event.
  • Use the Translink journey planner to find out which scheduled bus, train and G:Link services are going to the event.
  • Parking may be limited - consider carpooling to the event with family and friends.
  • Don't drink and drive, organise a designated driver.

These messages could be included on the event website, on site maps, marketing materials or event tickets. The order you present your transport information should engage firstly with visitors to the Gold Coast, provide options for those that stay or live near the event venue and conclude with options for those who travel further. For example promote firstly walking and cycling, then public transport, taxi, carpooling and lastly parking.

Risk management

Risk is an important consideration when planning an event. Your risk management plan should identify all event risks and detail relevant control measures.

The Queensland Government has a range of event templates, including a risk management plan available on their website.

The Australian Government has developed a strategy for protecting crowded places from terrorism. Please refer to this information as part of your risk planning for the event.

Road closures

For full or partial closures of City of Gold Coast controlled roadways for the purpose of undertaking events on the roadway/footpath/carpark, the following applications must lodged.

Site map

A site map is an essential component in both the planning and delivery stages of your event. It is recommended that you use an aerial photograph of the event site (available through Google maps) and include the placement of items such as:

  • the boundary/fence line of the venue
  • all infrastructure and equipment
  • existing items at the site - buildings, toilet blocks, hazards, etc.
  • entry and exit points
  • location of first aid, lost kids, water, fire extinguishers
  • licensed areas
  • staging and marquees
  • portable toilets and bins
  • food stalls
  • generators, lighting towers, site sheds and storage facilities.

View an example of an event site map.


During the delivery of a very successful Commonwealth Games in April 2018, you may have witnessed the remarkable efforts and achievements of the many trained volunteers at all event sites. Volunteers demonstrated their enthusiasm in representing their local communities in providing a range of services for athletes and spectators, resulting in a great experience for all concerned.

Volunteering Queensland is seeking to rekindle the spirit of the Games by offering new opportunities to all of these event volunteers as part of the Legacy program. Volunteering Queensland issues a monthly newsletter to 27,000 individuals who nominated to volunteer in the Games, promoting a range of community based events they may be interested in volunteering at and has created an events volunteering website which lists all volunteer opportunities on offer.

If you are interested in communicating with these volunteers, please contact Volunteering Queensland on
07 3002 7617 or email

Waste management, recycling and provision of toilets

The event planning fact sheet, available below, is a guide for event organisers who are planning an outdoor event at a City of Gold Coast site and highlights important factors to consider before, during and after an event, including waste management, recycling and adequate provision of toilet facilities. Reading this guide will help to ensure your event is a success.

Download the Event planning fact sheet.

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