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Gateways Public Art Commission

In November 2016, the City of Gold Coast opened a major public art commission: The Gateway Public Art Commission. The concept of a gateway has existed for many years within the City. Large scale city entry statements and landmark public art were identified as key opportunities within the GC2018 Public Domain Image and Look Master Plan with a particular emphasis on raising the arts and cultural profile of Gold Coast city.

The purpose of the Gateway Public Art Commission (GPAC) project is to:

  • enhance Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) and Gold Coast cultural experience;
  • build our city’s reputation as a creative, vibrant city;
  • facilitate a sense of arrival to the Gold Coast; and
  • extend the benefits of arts and culture on the Gold Coast as a legacy of GC2018.

LOT-EK Commission

In June 2017, the commission was awarded to New York based LOT-EK, who are now working through Design Development phase with the expectation of the artwork being installed before Christmas 2017.

The proposed northern and southern artworks are a striking and creative outcome for the Gateways Public Art Commissions context and are both specific to the identity of the Gold Coast as well as the site of the highway.

The artwork is an extension of LOT-EK’s practice of up-cycling readymade items to shift perception. Their key artistic concern is to create the extraordinary from the ordinary by illuminating the unexpected beauty of what are usually the unseen or unnoticed structures and infrastructures of daily life.

The artwork reappropriates the vernacular of the highway by utilising the repetition of the familiar everyday street light. The starting point for creating the artworks was driven by spelling out ‘Gold Coast’ in lights.

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Community Activation announced

Bleached Arts Ltd, in partnership with talented design practice Relative Creative, have been awarded with the contract to connect the Gold Coast public with their new Gateways Artwork - Hi-Lights. Through a multi-layered program of activities and digital events, the team will work with members of the Gold Coast community to unpack and celebrate the exciting new bookends to our city.

The work will feature 101 uniquely arranged highway light poles, and the visual complexity of its structure and the sculptural presence of its lines, curves and colours is intended to be a delight for passing drivers.

“This is an important artwork for this city and I am proud Bleached Arts, in partnership with our very talented designers from Relative Creative, can lead a conversation with the community about what it means to mark the City’s boundaries for our City’s identity and the sense of cohesion.”

- Louise Bezzina, Artistic Director, Bleached Arts Ltd

The artwork will be delivered before the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and the community will be invited to be part of this project in the lead up to the installation.

Artist mentorship

The City of Gold Coast is excited to announce interdisciplinary art collective Lumen Cloud as the recipient of the Gateways Public Art Commission mentorship.

The Lumen Cloud duo of Michelle Xen and Richard Candy are the recipients of the $10,000 grant designed to expand their experience and understanding of how to create works for the public realm.

The evaluation panel felt that Lumen Cloud, with their complementary skills, expertise in public art, industrial and lighting design as well as sound and installation capability meant they were very well placed to make the most of this opportunity with LOT-EK.

Lumen Cloud will now develop a program of work to make the most of the 20-hour commitment from LOT-EK and Urban Art Projects, Brisbane (implementation partners).

The opportunity

The mentorship was announced in June 2017 and was aimed at emerging or mid-career Gold Coast artists aspiring to expand their experience and understanding of how to create works for the public realm.

This mentorship presents an exciting opportunity to build on existing skills and draw on the level of expertise and public art and design knowledge possessed in LOT-EK, supported by a $10,000 grant.

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