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Hosting a sports event

Are you interested in organising an event on City-owned or -managed land (such as a sporting field) and not sure where to start?

Our Active Parks and City Events teams are here to help you through the approval process to hold your event at a park, sports field or other recreation area within the city.

Events are held for many reasons and can be in all shapes, sizes and locations. If you want to run an event in a sporting field or facility that falls outside of your normal right of use, City approval is required to ensure that the event is carried out in a safe manner. Please note that your Right Of Use permit does not constitute approval to stage community or major events.

When is an application form required to host an event on a sporting field?

  • the event is open to the public
  • more than 150 people will be attending
  • alcohol will be sold
  • food will be sold
  • event requires extra infrastructure (i.e. portable toilets, bins, marquees etc.)
  • mechanical amusement rides or inflatable rides (jumping castle etc) will be present
  • there could be traffic disruption or a road closure
  • there could be noise/parking implications
  • there could be temporary structures/stages, or
  • there will be fireworks displays.

If your event ticks one or all of the above criteria you are required to submit a community or major event application form.

Seek support for an event

The Gold Coast has a proud history of hosting and promoting events. Depending upon the type and size on an event, support both financial and in-kind can be requested to ensure that your event is a success.

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