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Road safety

The City works with the education and community sector, advocacy groups and the state and federal government to provide a safe, functional transport system for all.

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Motorcycle safety

Person wearing protective gear riding a motorcycle on the road

Motorcycle riders are among our most vulnerable road users. Approximately 14 per cent of all serious road trauma on the Gold Coast involves motorcyclists. Over half of these crashes occur within five kilometres of our coastline and a quarter within our hinterland. Most at risk are male, mature age and from South East Queensland.

Simple advice for anyone returning to motorcycling is to take the time to invest in a refresher course, be aware of your own ability, ensure your motorcycle is up to standard and wear protective clothing.

StreetSmarts is a Queensland Government initiative that provides information about motorcycle safety. Here you can access the Queensland Motorcycle Riders' Guide that includes information about rider protection, safe riding, returning riders, motorcycle worthiness, routine motorcycle maintenance and rules and tips for riders.


The Queensland Government administers licensing for motorcycles.

Returning to riding?

Very often people who may have ridden when younger are drawn back into motorcycling, purchase a new bike and set off without the necessary training. When starting to ride again, you should reassess your bike skills by only riding low risk routes. Think about doing a refresher or safety riding course - accredited rider training let you practice the riding skills and techniques you initially learnt before heading back out on the road. Use the Queensland Governments’ search tool to find a Q-Ride registered training provider near you.

Q-Ride accreditation is offered only as an additional authority where the person already has Queensland driver trainer accreditation for the motorcycle class and wishes to deliver training and assessment services either as a registered service provider or as an employee of a registered service provider.

View our fact sheet to find out more about motorcycle safety on the Gold Coast.

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