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Music Action Plan

The Music Action Plan 2021 (MAP 2021) provides the City with a blueprint to support the Gold Coast live music sector. It provides access to resources and promotion of Gold Coast music nationally and internationally. MAP 2021 is building stronger partnerships across all tiers of government, peak bodies, and private enterprise.

View the Music Action Plan 2021.

The Plan’s key actions are delivered through four key programs:

  • EXCEED – developing the skills of artists and music industry
  • UNLOCK – developing a planning framework to support live music
  • JOLT – building our reputation as a music city
  • LEAD – harnessing the City’s capacity to provide leadership and investment

We recognise the immense musical talent that exists in our city. We continue to support and recognise the musicians who contribute to shaping our cultural identity. We also continue to support the venues and professional service providers working behind the scenes.

The MAP 2021 marks our commitment to recognise and support our music scene flourish locally and internationally as we position ourselves as a live music friendly city.

Development of the MAP 2021 would not have been possible without the valued contribution from the local scene and industry partners from across the country. The City looks forward to working together to realise the full potential of the Gold Coast’s music sector into the future.

Music Advisory Group

The Gold Coast Music Advisory Group is an advisory body to the City’s local government authority. It was established to assist in work outlined in the MAP 2021.

The Group provides information and advice to the City on current issues and trends affecting the provision of live music on the Gold Coast. It galvanises industry support and assists in tracking the progress of the MAP 2021.

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