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City parking

Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

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Parking permits

Resident parking permits

If you reside within a time-restricted parking area and have limited off-street parking, you may be eligible to apply for a resident parking permit. The permit allows residents to park for an unlimited period of time in a time-restricted parking area, subject to conditions. 

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Visitor parking permits

Visitor parking permits may be granted where a residence is located in a time restricted area (subject to conditions).

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Resident event parking permits

Residents who reside within a designated event traffic area may apply for an event parking permit (subject to conditions).

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Carer parking permits

Carer parking permits are available to unpaid/volunteer carers who provide care or assistance to a particular person who resides within a time-regulated parking area.

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Residential care service parking permits

Residential care service parking permits are available to carers who are employed by, or contracted to, an approved home care service provider, to provide care or assistance in time-regulated parking areas.

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Commercial vehicle parking permits

Commercial vehicle parking permits are issued under City of Gold Coast Local Law No. 2 (Regulated Parking) 2008 to regulate and manage parking in commercial loading zones throughout the city.

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Accessible parking

Find out about the exemptions available to disability parking permit holders who wish to park within the city and how to apply for a disability parking permit through the Queensland Government.

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