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Built on creativity and transformed by imagination

Our local artists and creatives will help to create a vibrant, distinct and world class city.

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Public Art Plan

Public art is a significant marker of the culture of a city. As art unfolds through our public spaces, a stronger cultural identity is celebrated and shared by locals and tourists alike. Public art engages communities, tells stories, evokes conversations and creates a sense of place, leaving a cultural legacy for future generations.

The Public Art Plan delivers on the vision outlined in the Culture Strategy 2023. The Public Art Plan informs investment and delivery of commissioned permanent and temporary public art.

The Gold Coast has always been a destination for sun and surf. Through the implementation of the plan, it is also becoming a destination for public art.

View our Public Art Plan 2021

Public Art Policy

The Public Art Policy defines public art as work created for public spaces by visual artists, designers and crafts workers, including collaborations with musicians, writers and other performing artists. Public artworks are generally located in public spaces, either outdoors or within buildings. This definition excludes works that are part of museum, gallery, corporate or curated collections.

As part of our commitment to the cultural vibrancy of our city, we are currently reviewing the existing Public Art Policy and guidelines.

View our Public Art Policy.

Urban art

The City has a vision for urban art that is vibrant, contemporary, world-class and distinctly Gold Coast.

Urban art helps to beautify the city through regeneration and re-imagining of flat spaces and surfaces. This includes walls and building perimeters that sit in the public space.

Urban art can include (but is not limited to):

  • murals
  • projections
  • lighting
  • landscape architecture.

We have created guidelines to support and promote artists to create urban art that has community benefits. Read more about Urban art on the Gold Coast.

Artwork credits:
All Eyes On Us - The Commonwealth Star, Stuart Green 2018.

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