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Gold Coast parking has been designed to provide convenient, centrally located car parking to keep our city moving.

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Resident parking permits

Resident parking permits are available for residents who reside within a time-restricted parking area and have limited off-street parking. The permit allows residents to park for an unlimited period of time in a time-restricted parking area, subject to conditions.

Conditions of use for resident parking permits are provided on the correspondence that comes with your label. The conditions that have been applied to all resident parking permits are as follows:

  1. The permit must be displayed in a clearly visible location inside the vehicle on the left hand side of the front dash of the vehicle.
  2. The permit is not valid for a heavy/long vehicle.
  3. The permit is not valid for use in a metered space or where parking is prohibited.
  4. The permit must not be copied or reproduced.

Please note: Although permit holders can park anywhere within the timed traffic area, applications can only be approved where parking is available immediately adjacent to the premises and vehicles can be legally parked. For example, the area of road immediately adjacent to the premises must not have a yellow 'no stopping' line, or metered or restricted parking (loading zone). On-street parking permits are not available for heavy vehicles (vehicles in excess of 4.5 tonnes GVM or 7.5 metres in length).


No fees apply.

Apply for a new permit

Step 1: Calculate how many permits are you eligible for

The number of on-street parking permits available to you depends on the type of residence and your current off-street parking spaces. Use this table to find out how many permits you can apply for.

Type of residence Number of off-street parking spaces (carport/garage) Maximum number of permits per premises
House or duplex 0 3
1 2
2 1
3 or more 0 (not eligible)
Unit or townhouse (see note below*) 0 2
1 1
2 0 (not eligible)
Note: Permits are not available for a unit or townhouse within a multi-level or community title building, if:
  • the building has more than 30 residences and is located in the Central or Southport Traffic Areas; or
  • the building has more than 20 residences and is located in any other traffic area.

Step 2: Work out what traffic area you are in

A traffic area is a mapped geographical area where timed on-street parking controls apply. When applying for a resident parking permit, you will be asked to identify whether you live within one of the following designated traffic areas:

If you are not sure which area applies to you, please review the maps in the links above.

If you do not reside within one of these designated traffic areas and would like to apply for a permit, you must reside within a time-restricted parking area. In this situation, when completing the form, select ‘Other’ in the options.

Step 3: Make sure you have the right information and documents needed to complete your application

Before completing the application form you will need to know your:

  • street address or Lot and RP (parcel) number.

The resident must complete the application (in this case, the resident will be considered the licensee - the person who holds the resident parking permit).

You will also need:

Proof of residency (one or more of the following):

  • recent electricity bill detailing applicant name and property address 
  • recent rates notice (owner occupier)
  • signed tenancy/lease agreement.

For units:

  • Body corporate/complex manager parking allocation confirmation for units only (signed letter stating number of off-street car parking spaces provided by a carport or garage allocated to the dwelling), or alternatively
  • a statutory declaration detailing the above, witnessed by a Justice of the Peace.

You will need to have these documents ready to supply with your application.

Step 4: I am now ready to apply

  • I know how many permits I can apply for
  • I know what traffic area I am in (if applicable)
  • I know my street address and/or Lot and RP number
  • I have all the required documents ready
  • I am the Licensee (resident of the property).

Submit online form

Instructions for submitting online form:

  1. Location search - enter your property address and click search.
  2. Select your property from the search results and click next.
  3. Identify applicable parties - add details for the licensee and contact, click next.
    • Licensee is the person applying for the permit and the contact is the person the City should contact in relation to the permit.
    • Licensee and contact details can be the same.
    • The next button will only become available once both the licensee and contact are added.
  4. Complete the remaining permit details and submit.

Complete the downloadable version of the ‘Resident parking permit application' form below.

Change an existing permit

Permit renewal

Resident parking permits do not attract a fee and may be renewed annually by way of acknowledgement to the City. They are valid for one calendar year from 1 January to 31 December.

If you have no change of details and no renewal fee to pay, you can renew your permit using one of the methods described on our Permits and licensing approvals page.

Change an existing resident parking permit

You may apply to change your resident parking permit if you need to remove or add a vehicle to your permit, or to update contact details. Fees may apply.

Complete the downloadable version of the 'Parking permit amendment' application form below.

If you have moved to a new residential premises located within a time-restricted traffic area, you need to complete a new application for a resident parking permit.

The resident parking permit is not transferable.

Replace an existing permit

You may apply for a replacement permit if your permit is lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged. You may also request a replacement of any approval documentation associated with your permit.

To apply for a replacement permit or approval documentation, complete a replacement application. Fees apply.

Complete the downloadable version of the 'Parking permit - replacement approval documentation' application form below.

Cancel an existing permit

To cancel your resident parking permit, submit a cancellation request. No fees apply.

Complete the downloadable version of the 'Cancellation/surrender of licence or permit' application form below.

Related information

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  • What is off-street parking?

    Off-street parking includes garages or carports.

  • What if I am using my garage for storage or extra living space?

    Regardless of the use for this space, unless it has been an approved change of use by City of Gold Coast, it is classified as off-street parking space.

  • The utility bills and vehicle registration are in my partner’s name, can I still apply?

    No, you will need to have your partner apply.

  • Why am I required to supply supporting documentation with my application?

    To ensure that permits are issued to residents who live in the area and meet the eligibility criteria.

  • I am situated within the boundary of an event traffic area and hold a resident event parking permit. Am I also able to obtain a visitor parking permit?

    No. You are not eligible for a visitor parking permit if you already hold a resident event parking permit.

  • How long will residents be allowed to park within these identified traffic areas during the day (on weekdays and on weekends)?

    The timed restrictions will vary between two minutes and two hours in event traffic areas, and two to four hours in business as usual traffic areas, depending on the traffic area. Please see each traffic area for specific days and hours of restriction.


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