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Gold Coast parks

Surrounded by beautiful parks with BBQ, picnic and playground facilities, the Gold Coast has a park for everyone.

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Social park gatherings and private functions

No booking is required if your gathering is a group of 50 or less people using the facilities in the park and no infrastructure is being taken into the park.

Use this form to book a park for social gatherings and private functions for more than 50 people or if you intend to take any infrastructure other than table, chairs and a small marquee into the park (examples of infrastructure include inflatable equipment, jumping castle, animal related or amusement activities, marquees larger than 3m x 3m).

Please note that if your booking is related to Broadwater Parklands, use our online form below to book this park. Broadwater Parklands offer exclusive use areas (fees apply). The Rotary Education Pavilion is now available to book for educational activities only (no private social functions) at the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens. Please select "Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens - Rotary Pavilion" from the drop down menu on the booking form.

Use this online form to book a park for social gathering or private function.
Please note: the application fee is non-refundable.

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Events and gatherings which have infrastructure or over 50 attendees that do not have a booking or are in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions for use of City of Gold Coast controlled parklands may be penalised by City Local Law Officers under Local Law No. 9 (Parks and Reserves) 2008.

Please read our terms and conditions prior to completing the application form to ensure the correct form is being submitted, all appropriate information is provided, and you are aware of any bonds, permits and/or conditions that may apply to your usage. All details must be completed for the application to be processed.

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