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Tourist roadside directional signs

Tourist roadside directional signs are an important part of making the Gold Coast a visitor-friendly destination. They are easily recognised by being 'white writing on a blue or brown background'.

They are located along the roadside to guide motorists to key services and popular tourist attractions. Effective road signs make the roads safer and can mean the difference between visitors stopping to explore a town or attraction, or just driving past.

Effective roadside signs

When guiding motorists through a road system, the basic premise is that they have determined the route that they will follow before starting their journey. High numbers of signs in one area, or multiple signs all grouped together, can reduce their effectiveness.

They may also be potentially hazardous and be visually polluting. It is important to have clear, concise and consistent roadside signs so that motorists who are unfamiliar with the road network can easily and safely find key services, facilities and tourist attractions.

Applying for a tourist roadside directional sign for your business

City of Gold Coast has developed guidelines on the use of tourist roadside directional signs on City-controlled roads.

Applicants should read to guidelines before completing the application form.

Please see below for the form and guidelines

To apply for tourist roadside directional signs on roads controlled by the Department of Main Roads, please contact the South Coast Hinterland District office for a Tourist Sign Application Kit on 07 5563 6600 or PO Box 442, NERANG QLD 4211.

For further information contact the City's Traffic Management and Operations Branch on 07 5667 3618.

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