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Built on creativity and transformed by imagination

Our local artists and creatives will help to create a vibrant, distinct and world class city.

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Urban art

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City of Gold Coast has a vision for urban art that is vibrant, contemporary, world class and distinctly Gold Coast. We want to help the City, artists and private property owners connect and create innovative works to enhance the artistic calibre, diversity, community connection and beauty of our city. We have a wealth of outdoor spaces and we want to celebrate our city with art that inspires, intrigues and surprises.

The City has created guidelines that support and promote urban artists to create contemporary art that has community benefits including graffiti prevention, community building, placemaking and urban regeneration. We want to support vibrant spaces for people to move through, gather in and celebrate their city.

These guidelines will support artists who are tackling the logistics of creating art in the public space by providing key contacts, funding information and basic guidelines for the public display of work. City staff are available to answer any questions and support artists and businesses who are contemplating an urban art project.

Urban art guidelines and FAQs

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