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Our coastline

A number of projects are currently underway along the coastline addressing the health of our beaches including beach nourishment, seawall construction and dredging.

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Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection

Burleigh Heads beach

During 2013, Gold Coast beaches were subjected to widespread beach erosion following weather events. In response to the need to develop a long term solution to the Gold Coast’s beach erosion, Council endorsed a 'Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection'.

The Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection brings forward 30 years of beach protection projects’ implementation as part of the Gold Coast Ocean Beaches Strategy, to ensure the long term future of Gold Coast beaches.

The Gold Coast’s beaches are one of the city's biggest assets for residents and tourists. With over half a million residents and approximately 11 million visitors annually - spending $3.1 billion, it is imperative that we continue to protect and fund the management of the beaches for the long term.

The City is continuing to work with the State Government to support the plan's implementation.

Download and view the Three Point Plan for Coastal Protection (PDF 1.49mb)

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