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NaturallyGC Junior Wild Defenders booklets, badges and poster

These NaturallyGC Junior Wild Defenders digital booklets are interactive PDFs. They include several tasks and challenges to prompt child-led exploration of a nature or conservation based topic.

How to complete the program

Step 1  Download the Wild Defenders editable poster (PDF 1.4mb)

Step 2  Download and save your chosen booklet/s form the section below.

Step 3  Complete the tasks and challenges from each booklet and type in your answers or upload photos of your artwork in the relevant sections. Print versions of the booklets will also be available for downloading and printing soon.

Step 4  As the booklets are completed, you can download your digital badge/s and save them electronically into the poster.

Activity booklets Badges
Junior Wild Defenders Astronomy Booklet (PDF 2mb) Astronomy Badge (PNG 25kb)
Junior Wild Defenders The Big Clean Up Booklet (PDF 2.3mb) The Big Clean Up Badge (PNG 31kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Brilliant Bats Booklet (PDF 7mb) Brilliant Bats Badge (PNG 31kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Green House Booklet (PDF 2.9mb) Green House Badge (PNG 27kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Habitat Garden Booklet (PDF 2.2mb) Habitat Garden Badge (PNG 31kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Mapping Booklet (PDF 1.6mb) Mapping Badge (PNG 30kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Marsupials Booklet (PDF 3.2mb) Marsupials Badge (PNG 33kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Nature Photography Booklet (PDF 2.6mb) Nature Photography Badge (PNG 26kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Tree Hugger Booklet (PDF 3.3mb) Tree Hugger Badge (PNG 27kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Turtletastic Booklet (PDF 4.4mb) Turtletastic Badge (PNG 32kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Wildlife Artist Booklet (PDF 7.1mb) Wildlife Artist Badge (PNG 27kb)
Junior Wild Defenders Wildlife Rescue Booklet (PDF 4.3mb) Wildlife Rescue Badge (PNG 27kb)

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