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Your Numbers, Your Year

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Are you curious about what 2019 holds for you?

Do you know how to navigate through the year ahead with ease and grace?

Are you feeling alignment, connection, creativity… or stagnation, confusion, and fear?

Let’s make 2019 yours by harnessing the power of your numbers.

Numbers you say? Let’s meet our guest for the month, Tiarnie Vidler:

“I have always believed that all wisdom, knowledge, power, potential and any answer to any question we could ever ask comes from within us. We are the creators of our life, We are the key to our own lives. Master yourself and you master the YOUniverse!” – Tiarnie Vidler.

Tiarnie is passionate about transformation and awakening others to remember how incredibly amazing they really are! Tiarnie believes that through self-inquiry, self-responsibility and self-awareness, life becomes effortless, and that you become free and full of joy, which is truly our natural state of being.

Astrology, Numerology, and Liquid Crystals are her thing, and she totally rocks it! Her vibes are infectiously good, and she owns herself fully and authentically.

Using her modalities and divine skills, she guides people back to their own truth. Because, all answers are found within, you’ve just forgotten or haven’t been shown the way.

The year 2018 was a potent transformational year and something I call a “spiritual washing machine” or “spiritual detox”, preparing us to strip back and burn all the foundations we created in our lives based on fear or illusions enabling us to step into our full expression and aiding our ascension for the year ahead.

In Numerology, 2019 is a three year which holds beautiful feminine, creative, and self-expressional vibes.

Perfect for our true-self alignment!

Understanding your personal year within the current year is vital for your ascension and mastery.

Your personal year number holds sacred information about where you are at within your journey and will allow you to live in flow and harmony with the universe.

Tiarnie will guide you through the delicious energy of 2019 and share insights around your own personal year number so you can make the most out of your year and cultivate a deeper understanding of who you are.

She has also channelled three crystals to support you even further on your ascension into your true-self this year.

“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself.” – Plato.


From: 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM, Saturday, 9 February 2019


MLK Espresso Bar & Cafe Broadbeach






Alana Arvanitis


The Self-Love Movement


0431 305 264




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