Business incentives & investment programs

We support and motivate businesses from start, growth and expansion stages on the Gold Coast.

We encourage new investment to the city through business, screen and sport incentives.

Gold Coast Business Portal

Times have been tough for many Gold Coast business and some industries are recovering faster than others.

Adapting to change is key to successfully managing your business. The Gold Coast Business Portal provides a quick and easy way to reallocate business resources as demand changes, while keeping jobs on the Gold Coast.

The Portal connects you to a network of businesses from all industries. When you have surplus capacity, you can be matched with contract work from another business. When you need to scale up or need specialist skills, you can be matched with a business that has the skills you need temporarily.

Creating an account on the Portal is free and setting up your business profile is easy. Through our partnership with the BenchOn platform, businesses that sign up through our Portal receive a substantial 50% discount on the contract fee.

Register for the Gold Coast Business Portal today